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BLOG_Owning a condo may be less work than owning a single-family home, but condo maintenance is still necessary to keep your unit and investment in tip-top shape

Condo Insurance Florida | In many ways, owning a condo is less work than owning a single-family home. The convenience of on-site amenities and facility upkeep can lighten the load of monthly and seasonal home maintenance. However, condo maintenance is still necessary to keep your unit and investment in tip-top shape.

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The bulk of preventative maintenance in a condominium isn’t much different than single-family home maintenance. Routine condo maintenance can prevent many costly and unforeseen repairs down the road. By following the checklist below, you can keep your condo in great condition, preserving and even increasing its value.

Though the list below is broken into seasons, it is recommended to split the work up so that you do a little each month. This way your condo is fresh and well cared for throughout the year with minimal effort.


Air Conditioning

To keep your AC in peak performance, take time in Spring to give your AC the attention it deserves. If you have window units, remove and inspect them. Look for insects and nests of birds or small animals. Remove the front cover and check the filter and vacuum coils. If you have central heating and air, hire a professional team to service your unit in the spring.

Gutters & Drainage

To prevent pooling, leaks, and potential flooding, Florida condo owners need clear and proper drainage. If your association handles gutter maintenance, feel free to take a look and send them a friendly reminder that it's time to clean them. If you have access to any drains or gutters on your unit, go ahead and sweep out any foliage or buildup.


Bathrooms & Kitchen

Take a look at the grout and caulk in the bathroom. Cracked grout can upset the integrity of the tiles, letting moisture or dirt in that can cause much more expensive damage. Repair broken tiles and re-grout any areas that are cracked or missing. Cleaning grout and caulk, especially around sinks and tubs is very important. Mold can form and spread. If left too long, deep mold can be hard to remove and can be harmful to your health.

Windows & Doors

In early summer, inspect the seals on your windows and doors. Check that the caulking around all windows is clean and in good condition. Replace it with fresh caulk if needed. Consider replacing any older, single pane windows to improve your energy efficiency. Home improvement stores sell weather stripping for doors that is easy to install. Replace aged sliding glass doors with newer models with better seals.


Drains & Faucets

In the kitchen and bathroom, drains get clogged over time from regular use. Flush kitchen drains with baking soda and vinegar or a store-bought cleaner. Remove stoppers from the bathroom drains and clear them of buildup, then flush with the same cleaner.

Minerals in tap water can accumulate in shower heads and on faucet screens. Simply twist off the end of the faucet and use a toothbrush and soap, scrub the screen or shower head nozzle clean. These quick tasks will allow your water to run more efficiently and will prevent backups in the tub and sinks.

Safety Equipment

Test and change the batteries of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors if needed. Wipe them clean of dust that may have gathered. Inspect fire extinguishers and make sure they are not expired. Ensure that you have the proper amount of safety equipment for the size of your condo and make sure all of your family members know the best escape route in case of emergency.


Large Appliances

This is the time to pull out and clean behind large appliances. Stoves, refrigerators, washers and dryers all collect dust, hide dirt and can be points of entry for bugs and rodents. Vacuum the coils on the refrigerator. Detailed instructions can usually be found in your appliance manual.

Sweep out and deep clean behind the stove where food can collect, inviting unwanted critters. Clean hood fans and exhaust. Replace lightbulbs if needed. On washing machines, clean the basin around the drum. Wipe out any soap or fabric softener buildup and wipe down the lid and sides of the machine. Deep clean your dryer of lint. Remove the lint trap and vacuum underneath where fine lint can collect. Check the vent and vacuum any lint that might escape the dryer. Pull out washers and dryers and inspect for any signs of leaks on the floor and around baseboards.

Outdoor Areas

If your condo has a balcony or deck, take the time to inspect it each winter. Deck boards should be in good shape, free of splitting or cracked wood and splinters. Hammer nails that might be sticking up. If needed, reseal the deck with an all-weather sealant or stain to prolong its life.

Check railings or fences to make sure they are secure. Pay close attention to rust and clean and seal if possible. Any rust that has eaten through may mean your railing isn’t safe and might need to be replaced. Clean off decks of any leaves or debris or nests that have collected in corners and eaves.

Condo ownership can be a low stress form of home ownership. By maintaining your condo unit throughout the year, you lower that stress even more, allowing you to enjoy the ease and convenience of your Florida condo lifestyle to the fullest.

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