​Extra Protection


If you take a look at our beach gear here in Florida, you know that we know a thing or two about extra protection: umbrellas, sunscreen, and wide-brim hats often accompany us.

With homeowners insurance, extra protection can be a necessity with certain homes as well. 

From our bundle coverage endorsements for homes and condos as well as identity theft insurance, American Integrity Insurance has you covered so you can relax easy in your beach chair.

Bundle Coverage Endorsements

Our bundle endorsements offer additional protection, including higher limits on selected coverages. If your home needs extra protection in one area, chances are it could need extra protection in other areas as well.

Home Systems Protection

Home Systems Protection covers repairs or replacement when home systems and equipment break down, causing physical damage. Though electrical and/or mechanical breakdowns are common, many homeowners don’t know they’re not covered by their standard homeowner policy.

Service Line Insurance

Most homeowners don’t realize they are responsible for repairs to underground pipes and wiring that bring services such as water, power, data, and communications into their homes if the damage occurs on their property.

Identity Theft Insurance

On average, it takes around 55 hours to restore an identity and can cost thousands of dollars. Identity recovery coverage not only provides reimbursement, it provides restoration case management.

Flood Insurance

The most common and costliest natural disaster in the U.S. is flooding. Many people are not aware that a homeowners insurance policy does not include flood insurance. Flood insurance covers your property and/or contents against storm surges and flooding during torrential rains, hurricanes, and tropical storms.

American Integrity is proud to offer a comprehensive flood endorsement that provides coverage to qualified customers in certain areas. Our policy has no waiting period, no policy fee, and offers up to $5M in coverage for building limits. Customers who do not qualify for our endorsement can still purchase the NFIP policy through Wright Flood. Contact your agent today to find out if you qualify.