​Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella coverage protects your assets – your nest egg, savings, and your home – in other words, your future.
In the purest of terms, it is extra liability insurance that kicks in after you’ve exhausted your home, auto or watercraft policy limits.

For example, while delivering a beautiful bouquet of lilies, Fred the local florist slips and falls at your front door. His injuries cost upwards of $400k, exceeding the $300k liability limits on your homeowners policy. Where does the remaining $100k come from?

Lawsuits, Defense Costs, and Accidents - Oh My!

Lawsuits, car or boat accidents, or a slip-and-fall in your home – they can happen to anyone. Your current liability limit on your home, car, or watercraft insurance policy might not cover the exorbitant legal or hospital bills you’ll incur. And you stand to lose a lot – your retirement funds, investments, savings, and even your future earnings could be at risk if a judge allows someone to garnish your wages to pay off a settlement.

What Are My Coverage Options? 

Our base umbrella policy will provide you with at least $1M in coverage on top of your policy limits, helping cover the gap so you can maintain your assets if the unfortunate occurs. We also offer coverage up to $2M. And the cost is a lot more affordable than you’d expect!

Our program is available to qualifying applicants who have a primary home written with American Integrity and their auto policy written through the same agency.

Who Needs Umbrella Coverage? 

If you’re thinking this is only for wealthy people, think again. If you own a home or condo, or drive a car, you’re just one accident away from a million dollar lawsuit that could cause you to lose everything you’ve worked so hard to build.

While traditional homeowners insurance and auto insurance covers your liability up to a certain point, there’s always the nagging question: What happens if an accident occurs and you reach your maximum coverage? Where does that leave your security, and the life you’ve worked so hard to put in motion? 

Contact your agent today to learn more about an umbrella policy with American Integrity Insurance.