Contractor Networks

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When your home is in need of repair or remodel, you have the option to select the contractor of your choice. 

And to provide the best service, we have created a list below of preferred contractors to assist you throughout the claims process. 

General Contractor

Nexxus Solutions Group 

We have partnered with Nexxus Solutions Group, our preferred contractor network, to assist you throughout the entire claims process. Some features of Nexxus Solutions Group include:

• Licensed, Bonded and Insured Contractors
• Criminal Background Checks Verified
• Minimum 3 Year Workmanship Warranty

Water Mitigation



Water damage experts are here to help get your home dried out as soon as possible and help you communicate with your insurance company and other vendors you may need. 

Temporary Housing

Temporary Housing Directory (THD)

National Insurance Housing (NIH)

Additional Living Expense (ALE) coverage allows for temporary housing if you have been displaced by a covered loss.  Our partners who can help place you in comparable living arrangements, temporarily, are Temporary Housing Directory (THD) and National Insurance Housing (NIH). Please be sure to check with your agent to see if your policy includes this important coverage. 

Clothing Care

North American Restoration Dry Cleaners (NARD)

North American Restoration Dry Cleaners (NARD) are our partners who are skilled fabricare specialists dedicated to the restoration of garments, textiles and soft goods that have been affected by loss.

These companies will work with your Adjuster to expedite the claim process and set up the repair portion of your claim.