Our Financial Stability

Financial stability may not be your first concern when searching for homeowners insurance, but it should be. With hurricanes and other natural disasters that impact Florida, it is important to know that your insurance company has the financial backing to be there for you when you need them the most. While many of the “name-brand” insurance companies have long since left Florida, some citing declining resources to cover claims and other expenses, you might wonder - if they can’t make it, who can? 

With our robust reinsurance program consistently earning us an “A” (Exceptional) Financial Stability Rating® from Demotech, Inc., you can be certain of American Integrity Insurance’s long term stability and commitment to our policyholders.

We carefully manage our geographic areas of growth to protect our current policyholders because, like you, we are also Florida homeowners.

We value stability over growth and will be there when you need us.

Income Statement

Income Statement (Unaudited) through 12 months September 30, 2020
Net Premiums Earned 102,340,493
Losses Incurred 72,932,287
Loss Expenses Incurred 24,219,293
Other Underwriting Expenses 8,007,941
Total Underwriting Deductions                         105,159,521              
Net Underwriting Gain Or Loss (2,819,028)
Net Investment Income & Realized Capital Gains 2,634,654
Other Income -
Net Income Before Dividends to Policyholders (184,374)             
Dividends to Policyholders -
Net Income After Dividends to Policyholders (184,374)
Federal and Foreign Income Taxes Incurred (1,204,773)
Net Income 3,277,416              
Capital and Surplus Account
Surplus As Regard Policyholders December 31, prior year 78,061,307
Net Income 1,020,399
Change in Net Unrealized Capital Gains or (Losses)  (1)
Change In Deferred Tax (1,139,595)
Change in Nonadmitted Assets 551,858 
Change in Provision for Reinsurance  -
Change in Surplus Notes (411,765)
Additional Paid In Capital -
Change In Surplus 20,896
Surplus As Regard Policyholders $78,082,203

Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet as of September 30, 2020 (Unaudited) September 30, 2020
Assets: Net Admitted Assets
Bonds: 102,427,493
Cash And Short-term Investments: 73,215,424
Deferred Installment/Agents' Balance Rec: 21,951,187
Net Deferred Tax Asset 3,081,991
Other Assets 81,946,394
Total Assets 282,622,489
Liabilities and Surplus:
Loss and Loss Adjustment Reserve: 61,889,145
Net Unearned Premiums 54,012,321  
Ceded Reinsurance Payable 74,799,503
Payable to Affiliates -
Other Liabilities: 13,839,267
Total Liabilities 204,540,236
Capital Paid in and Contributed Surplus: 14,250,000
Surplus Note 5,426,470
Unassigned Surplus: 58,405,783
Total Surplus 78,082,253
Total Liabilities and Surplus 282,622,489