Golf Cart Coverage "Fore" You! 

With more golf courses than any other state and its balmy climate, Florida has become a haven for golf cart communities. Wherever your golf cart takes you – the fairway, your neighborhood, or across your property – our insurance offers coverage that’s more than par for the course.

Picture this: you and a friend are driving your cart near your neighborhood when a squirrel dashes in front of you. You swerve to avoid hitting him and, unfortunately, your heroic efforts cause you to collide into a fence. Collision, theft, vandalism – your golf cart is vulnerable to the same perils as your car. Make sure you’ve got golf cart coverage that can keep you on course. 

What Are My Coverage Options?  

  • Liability Coverage: We offer split bodily injury limits up to $250,000/$500,000/$250,000 or combined single limits up to $500,000.
  • Medical Payments: We offer limits up to $10,000.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist: Coverage for Uninsured/Underinsured motorist is offered with limits equal to or less than the bodily injury limits.
  • Collision Coverage: This covers your golf cart for damage caused by a collision with other golf carts, trees or other objects. We offer several deductible options. 
  • “Other than” Collision Coverage: This covers your golf cart from losses due to fire, flood, theft, or vandalism. We offer several deductible options.
  • Policy Terms: We offer annual policies.  

Please note that we do not provide Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage under our program.

Do You Qualify for a Discount? 

  • Golf Cart Safety Course: A discount is available when you have completed a golf cart safety course within the past three years.
  • Multi-Vehicle Discount: A discount will be applied when there are two or more golf carts on your policy.
  • Personal Responsibility: We offer an insurance score discount which you may qualify for depending upon financial responsibility, driving experience, and loss history.
  • Prior Insurance Discount: We provide a discount when you have had continuous golf cart insurance within the past six months.
  • Renewal Discount: A discount will be applied when you renew your golf cart policy with American Integrity.  

Additional Coverage Available 

  • Helmets and Safety Apparel: Coverage up to $1,500 is provided for direct and accidental loss to any helmets and safety apparel worn while you’re in the golf cart.
  • Optional Equipment Coverage: Coverage is provided for equipment installed to a golf cart that was not originally provided by the manufacturer as standard equipment. This includes parts, decorations, custom painting, chroming, etc. 

Contact an agent today to learn more about golf cart coverage with American Integrity Insurance.