Condo Insurance Florida | 3 Reasons to Get Condo Insurance

BLOG_Choosing not to get condo insurance leaves you vulnerable and can cause you added stress in what tend to be already highly stressful situations when disaster strikes

Condo Insurance Florida | When you own a condo, you may be tempted to opt out of insurance since the exterior and common spaces are covered by the condo association. However, choosing not to get condo insurance leaves you vulnerable if the unexpected occurs and can cause added stress in what tends to be an already highly stressful situation.

There are several reasons you should get condo insurance. Below are just a few.

  1. To Protect the Interior of Your Condo

The master policy held by your condo association does not cover the things within the walls of your unit. If your custom built-in entertainment center or newly remodeled kitchen is damaged in a disaster, without an individual condo policy you won’t have the coverage to repair or replace your items. Even if the disaster originates outside or in another unit, once it affects your belongings and the unit that you own, it falls under your insurance policy.

Condo insurance covers:

  • Personal possessions
  • Furniture
  • Added structures within your unit
  • Fixtures and appliances

2. For Personal Liability Protection

If someone is injured outside at the pool or in the elevator, the master policy will cover their accident. If you have a guest or worker in your home that gets injured, the responsibility and liability rests with you. Liability is a staple in homeowners policies and can be an important part of protecting your condo and your other assets if legal action is taken against you.

Condo Insurance covers:

  • Medical bills for the injured
  • Lawyer fees, court costs and awards that may be due to victims of an accident at your condo

3. It May Be Required

Unless you own the condo outright, any lender who has issued you a mortgage will most likely not do so until you have a condo policy to show them. Check with your lender to determine the exact type of policy they require.

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