Boat Insurance Florida | How to Properly Care for Your Boat

BLOG_Proper boat maintenance can keep you and your boat safe on the water for years to come

Boat Insurance Florida | Every boat owner knows that for all the leisure time you spend on your boat, there’s an equal amount of time you spend maintaining it. However, every Captain knows that caring for and showing your boat the attention it deserves is part of having one.

Florida boat owners don’t usually have to worry about seasonal boat maintenance like winterization, but having your boat in the water more often brings its own set of maintenance considerations.

Below is a list of tips that will help keep your boat seaworthy: 

Manage Your Gelcoat

Protecting your boat’s gelcoat from the start is very important. When it’s strong, stains can be removed with careful buffing. However, the wrong cleaners can break down and wear out the gelcoat on your boat. Research to find the right cleaners for your specific boat.

Wipe Off Any Moisture

It may seem strange, but moisture of any type is bad for your boat. As soon as you pull your boat out of the water, properly dry it to prevent long term waterline stains. Additionally, be vigilant about any other types of moisture. Keep towels on hand to dry up salt water which can corrode components and regularly wipe up morning dew which can lead to mildew.

Always Check Your Engine Before an Outing

Carefully cared for boat engines last longer, perform better and cost less to repair. Before you take your boat out, run through your engine health checklist:

  • Inspect bilge and hoses for leaks
  • Check the fuel level and always gas up before you go out
  • Be sure there is plenty of water coolant
  • Check oil
  • Inspect wiring

Protect and Maintain Your Battery

Batteries need attention like the rest of your boat. Periodically take your battery out and clean it. Lubricate all metal parts and bolts. Charge your battery up and take note of any corrosion or other issues. Learn about settings like float charge and how your battery will react to different temperatures.

Check Propeller Frequently

Propeller inspections are great maintenance items to do with a friend. Before each trip out on the boat, visually inspect your propeller. Then, throughout the season, inspect more closely. Detach the propeller and look for obstructions like gunk, plant matter, and fishing line that could be trapped in the shaft. Excessive buildup should be taken to a boat shop for an assessment.

Watch for Corrosion

Metal, even aluminum, can corrode over time. Protect your boat from rust and corrosion by regularly inspecting for it. Your engine is especially important and susceptible to corrosion; however, all metal parts of your boat are exposed, especially in salt water. Replace any metal components of your boat that show signs of rust.  

Sometimes boat maintenance can seem like a lot of work, but being able to spend hours on the water is well worth the time.

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