Hurricane Season Florida | How to Prepare Your Swimming Pool Before a Storm


Many Florida homeowners have swimming pools that they enjoy with family and friends. Living in Florida means you’ll never need to “winterize” your pool, but hurricane season poses its own threats to your backyard oasis.

American Integrity Insurance Group offers Florida hurricane insurance to protect your property, including your swimming pool. Here are some valuable tips on how to prep your pool before a storm.

Secure Loose Items

Anything that can blow around your property in high winds should be secured or stored indoors to prevent these items from blowing into your pool and causing damage, especially patio furniture and pool toys. It may be a good idea to trim back nearby trees before each year’s hurricane season, especially weak and low-hanging branches.

Cut Off Utilities to the Pool

Any electricity or gas running to the pool for lighting or heating should be cut off when a storm is threatening. Power surges or outages can damage this equipment if it is still operating. You may also want to disconnect your pool’s pump, filter, lines and other equipment and store them indoors to protect them from flooding or other damage.

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Keep the Pool Filled and Uncovered

This may seem strange advice, but pool experts actually recommend keeping your pool filled and uncovered during major storms. Pool covers can become seriously damaged during a storm, if not torn completely loose and blown away.

Balance Your Pool’s Water Chemistry

Balancing your pool’s water chemistry can give you a head start on cleaning the water after a storm has passed. You can also shock your pool for an extra boost against germs and dirt the storm will likely dump into the water.

Make Sure Your Pool Is Covered by Florida Hurricane Insurance

Your homeowners insurance can include coverage for your pool, but be sure you are adequately protected from storm damage and flooding with Florida hurricane insurance from American Integrity Insurance Group. After investing so much into a nice pool for your family, leaving it unprotected is a serious and costly mistake.

Contact an agent near you with American Integrity Insurance Group and inquire about getting the Florida hurricane insurance you need to protect your property, including your swimming pool.


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