Filing A Flood Insurance Claim | Using Your Home Flood Insurance Policy

BLOG_If your home is properly insured, you can recover your losses by filing a flood insurance claim

When your home has sustained flood damage, it can be very upsetting. Losing treasured family memorabilia, important essential items like medicine and clothing, and seeing damage to the structure of your home can be emotionally draining. As difficult as it is to lose these things, if your home is properly insured, you can recover your losses by filing a flood insurance claim.

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If your home has been flooded, follow these simple steps to file your flood insurance claim:

Report the Damage Immediately

Speedy reporting of a flood claim can make a world of difference, especially when a major catastrophic event occurs and the amount of damage is substantial. As you can imagine, it takes some time to process all of those claims, which is why American Integrity offers a 24/7 self-service Claims Portal that allows you to start the claims process as quickly as possible.

It’s important to contact your insurance company first before signing any documents from a contractor. Especially after a major catastrophic event, unscrupulous contractors can try to take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners (link to AOB blog or our AOB page here). The quicker you report the claim, the sooner it can be settled and you can be paid for your covered damages.

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Document the Damage

Once your damage has been reported, start documenting. Remember to be safe – avoid unsafe structures and stay out of dangerous flood waters. The claims adjuster assigned to your property will be able to assess damages in these areas safely. Officials may require that you dispose of any rubbish or damaged items and materials quickly. If this is the case, take photographs of the discarded items as you clear them. Capture images of standing floodwater levels and any structural damage you can safely reach.

Make a list of all lost or damaged items. This is a great time to reference the itemized list of possessions that you created when you purchased your home insurance and flood policies. Include a description, your estimate of the value and any receipts you may have from when you purchased the items. The more information you have here, the faster your claim can be processed.

Submit a Proof of Loss Statement

Your adjuster will assist you in preparing any documents you may need – this may include a proof of loss statement, your sworn testimony that you experienced a loss in the amount that you are filing for and supporting documentation. These statements must be filed within 60 days of the flood event and are required before the insurance company can make any payment on your claim.

Be sure to work directly with your adjuster for proper guidance in filing your claim, and be sure that you have documented everything accurately so that you can get your home back to normal as soon as possible after filing your claim. If you follow these steps, you can begin to rebuild from the damage floods can do quickly.

To learn more about American Integrity’s private flood insurance, or for assistance on filing a flood claim, contact your Agent. If you do not have flood insurance currently, it’s important to keep in mind that flood insurance is not included with your typical homeowners policy and needs to be purchased separately.

There are two types of flood insurance: private flood insurance and flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program. American Integrity Insurance offers private flood insurance separate from the National Flood Insurance Program.


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