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Home Insurance Florida | Your porch light is on, the bowl of candy is ready, and your cat whiskers are drawn just so. You’re waiting and waiting until - there it is - your doorbell rings. It’s your first trick-or-treater!

Halloween can be a candy-filled triumph filled with costumes and laughter, but there’s a lot of preparation that goes into making it a safe one. Not only should you be frightened of the monsters and goblins that lurk in the darkness, but of the potential gaps in your Halloween preparation or even your homeowners insurance as well! A scary time, indeed.         

How can you keep your home safe for trick-or-treaters and other visitors?

Halloween can be fraught with potential home insurance claims – fire hazards, visitor injuries, or even vandalism. Here are some quick and easy tips to help keep you and your candy-loving visitors safe:

  • Help prevent tripping injuries. Remove exposed extension cords and any fallen broomsticks.
  • Make sure your walkway is well-lit.
  • Is your inflatable pumpkin a hazard if it deflates? If it could potentially fall into a walkway or sidewalk, it’s best to move it.
  • Like spooky lighting? Consider battery-operated candles instead of a real flame.
  • When creating your jack-o-lantern, use pumpkin-carving kits and work in a well-lit area to help prevent injury.  
  • Keep your pets away from visitors. They may be frightened of those realistic costumes, too, hurting another while protecting you! 

Is It Time to Give Your Home Insurance Policy a Halloween Makeover?

As the gateway to the holiday season, Halloween is a great time to review your homeowners policy to make sure that you have the coverage you need. Here are some potential gaps you may have looked over:

  • Have you added on to your home? Built an extra bedroom or even a separate structure, such as a fence, detached garage, or shed? You may need to add additional protection to your policy to cover your new upgrades. Halloween is a popular time for vandalism.   
  • If you’ve recently redecorated your home and went on a shopping spree, you may want to look into adding more coverage for personal contents or an endorsement for items such as jewelry or art collections.
  • Is Personal Property Replacement Cost included with your policy?

    Replacement cost is the amount paid to replace property or personal belongings without any deduction for depreciation. Actual Cash Value means that the money you receive for your lost or damaged items would include depreciation, and your settlement may be significantly less.   

  • If you have a dog, be sure to ask your agent if your policy includes animal liability. 
  • Do you have enough liability coverage on your homeowners policy? The liability portion of your homeowners policy protects you and your family from lawsuits from a third party for bodily injury or property damage for which you may be legally responsible.

It’s the beginning of a busy holiday season, starting with trick-or-treaters knocking at your door and ending with friends and family singing Auld Lang Syne to ring in the new year. Enjoy it safely!   

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