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Home Insurance Florida | Home maintenance is a must in order to protect your investment. Whether you’re a do-it-yourself kind of owner, or the type that likes to hire specialists, keeping up your property is a priority for responsible owners. In a home that you occupy, it’s easy to keep an eye on regular and emergency maintenance issues as you interact with your home daily.

However, when you own a rental property, there are issues that could arise without your knowledge. The best way to stay ahead of any would-be disasters is through scheduled maintenance throughout the year and over the entire time that you own the home.


By including landscaping in the rent, you can make sure that the yard around your home is maintained. A well-kept lawn looks great and keeps the neighbors happy. Additionally, tidy yards and trimmed landscaping can keep bugs and critters away from your home. Tenants can absorb the cost of professional services if you build it into the rent.

Install Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Some state laws may govern the inclusion of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in rental properties. However, regardless of the requirements, smoke detectors just make sense. If your home experiences a fire, early detection is key to mitigating damage. Smoke alarms are notoriously sensitive and can not only alert tenants to dangers, but can even prevent disasters from happening.

Change Filters

Changing air filters can keep one of your most expensive and complex home systems functioning at top performance. It will also cut down on energy costs which is a benefit to your tenant. Whether you choose to pop by monthly or send regular reminders when it’s time to change them, this simple task can go a long way.

Keep Gutters Clean

At least twice a year, make a point to get someone up on your roof to remove debris from your gutters. Though not the most fun job, this maintenance can prevent leaks, resulting in mold and mildew in your home. 

The damage that clogged gutters can cause is far more inconvenient than the afternoon it’ll take to clear them out. It is especially important to do this after storms which can kick up a lot of leaves and branches.

Maintain Plumbing

When you are between renters or on annual inspections, take a close look at all of the plumbing in your home. A little maintenance now can save you from major water disasters down the road. Tighten any leaking faucets. Replace parts on any toilets that are running. If possible, install low flow commodes to cut down on water bills which can keep tenants happy.

One of the best bits of advice for rental property owners is to maintain a presence when you have tenants. If your tenants see that you care for the property, they will be inclined to alert you of any potential problems right away.

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