Condo Insurance Florida| Why Is Condo Insurance So Important?

Condo Insurance Florida | If you just bought a condo in Florida and were surprised that condo insurance was required by your lender and condo association, you are not alone. This discovery often sparks some important questions about condo insurance in general and how to find the best condo insurance in Florida. American Integrity Insurance explains why condo insurance is so important and how it is different from standard homeowners insurance.

How Is Condo Homeowners Insurance Different?

You may be surprised to learn that condo insurance (HO-6) and standard forms of homeowners insurance are similar. This is because the risk of loss is similar for both. The two differ mainly concerning the responsibilities of each type of property owner.

Standard homeowners insurance covers the entire home structure, contents and related items on the property. Condo insurance provides coverage only for your personal property, liability coverage and specific items within your own condo unit, according to the type of condo insurance you obtain.

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The Importance of Condo Insurance

A blanket insurance policy does not protect you adequately against loss – nor is that its primary intention. The blanket policy your condo association holds will likely provide only the most rudimentary structural coverage.

The interior of your condo is your responsibility. This includes (in most cases) the interior walls, major fixtures like sinks, toilets and cabinets, major appliances, flooring and everything else inside your home. This means you need adequate condo insurance to protect yourself, your loved ones and guests and your belongings.

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American Integrity Insurance of Florida can help. Our team members can help you shop to locate the best value for the right coverage among many different insurance companies. Contact an American Integrity Insurance Agent when you need condo insurance in Florida.


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