Home Insurance Florida | What Is a 4-Point Inspection and When Do You Need It?

Home Insurance Florida | Home inspections are a vital part of any home-buying process, but did you also know they can come into play regarding your insurance? With Florida experiencing routine severe weather events, there is a specific type of home inspection needed when renewing homeowners insurance policies called a 4-Point Home Inspection.

A 4-Point Home Inspection differs from the standard home inspection in that it examines only four areas of your home. A regular home inspection covers a huge laundry list of items both inside and outside your home. While a regular home inspection is to help banks and other lenders determine the condition of a home before assuming risk and loaning money for its purchase, a 4-Point Home Inspection is used for a different reason.

Why Do I Need a 4-Point Insurance Inspection?

A 4-Point Home Inspection focuses on four of your home’s vital systems. These systems are usually the most frequently searched home insurance topics, and the answers most sought when searchers ask, “What does my homeowners insurance cover?”

Florida’s exposure to severe weather results in the state having some of the strictest building codes in the US, and they are frequently updated. A 4-Point Home Inspection can reveal if your home is out of code and possibly at risk for sustaining damage because of outdated materials or construction.

What Is Involved in a 4-Point Home Inspection?

The areas that will be examined by a 4-Point Home Inspection are:

  1. Roof
  2. Plumbing
  3. HVAC
  4. Electrical

The entire inspection generally takes about 30 minutes by a licensed inspector, so the examination is fairly simple. Outmoded wiring or overloaded panels are a dead giveaway that your electrical system is out of date. Certain types of plumbing pipes can warrant replacement due to age and a propensity to break over time. Aged roofing and HVAC components are prime reasons for an insurance company to reject your homeowners coverage renewal application.

When renewing your homeowners insurance, now is the time to ask questions and make sure you have the best possible coverage for your budget and property.

For instance, water damage is not covered for certain conditions and may require an additional endorsement. Older homes have other items that may not be covered, and many external structures may also not be protected.

American Integrity Insurance Group can help you review your policy coverage and explore more options. Contact an agent today to schedule a review of your homeowners insurance needs.


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