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Homes are meant to be lived in; and rare is the home that can be kept in pristine, magazine-article-style condition while giving shelter to a busy family. Still, there are actions you can take, at least periodically, to preserve, and possibly even increase, the value of your home. And make sure to contact an American Integrity agent today to obtain a luxury home insurance quote to get sufficient coverage for your home.  

This spring, take a look at your property and discover some simple, even inexpensive ways you can help your high-valued home maintain its value.

See Your Home with Fresh Eyes

Think like a prospective home buyer as you look at your home, and try to pick out the obvious areas that need work. Better yet, ask a friend or relative who rarely visits your home to look around. Their original perspective can catch issues you have grown accustomed to ignoring as part of the scenery.

Curb Appeal

What do visitors and guests see when they drive onto your property? Immaculate landscaping, gentle lighting and a picturesque setting? Or dark spots, overgrown greenery and old lawn furniture? Some simple weeding and trimming, solar lighting and a few coats of fresh paint on the door and porch can revitalize the curb appeal of your high-value property.

Kitchens & Baths

These two spaces virtually sell homes – or cause them to not sell. They are arguably the most-used rooms in most homes, so they absorb lots of wear and tear, even abuse. Refurbishing the kitchen and bathrooms doesn’t have to involve tearing out flooring and fixtures (although this can sometimes be necessary). A simple cleaning and professional tile restoration can work wonders, as can adding a new coat of paint and new faucets.

Look Up

Lighting is a huge deal in homes, and the proper lighting for each space will be designed differently. Ideally, you want softer lighting in areas of television viewing or rest, with smaller reading lamps where necessary. Brighter lighting is needed in bathrooms, kitchens and work spaces.

You can also consider adding mood or ambiance lighting under kitchen cabinets, on valued paintings or other décor and in entertaining spaces. Another important consideration is how natural light is used in different spaces. Not only saving you money, natural sunlight can help ease eye strain and provide warmth. Brighter spaces also encourage better moods.

Look Down

Looking down as you inspect your high-value home can be a revealing experience. We often move throughout our homes with something on our minds, and rarely see what is just underneath our feet.

Cleaning & Protecting Floors

Floors bear the brunt of our everyday living. The wear and tear on them is incredible. A periodic professional cleaning and protectant application can go a long way to keep expensive flooring materials in prime condition. Or, you can often rent equipment for DIY floor cleaning fairly cheaply and make this part of your spring cleaning routine.

Removing Obstacles

Walkways can become too narrow or cluttered with excess furniture, décor or family items that could be (and should be) stored safely out of sight. Unsecured rugs can become trip hazards for both young and old family members and guests. A simple, functional layout is often preferred over cluttered spaces filled with junk.

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