Flood Insurance Florida | Ways to Prevent Home Flooding


Many homeowners are unsure of the difference between “water damage” and “flooding” as it pertains to their home insurance coverage. While standard homeowner’s insurance policies cover damage caused by a pipe leak or sink or bathtub overflow (“water damage”), they do not cover damage caused by a flood event (such as torrential rain or storm surge).

While American Integrity Insurance is proud to offer a Private Flood Insurance option, we hope that you never experience a flood event (“Fun” Fact from FEMA: just one inch of water can cause $25K of damage to your home). With that in mind, here are some valuable ways to prevent your home from flooding.

Keep Debris from Drains and Ditches

Leaves, mulch and other debris from your yard or nearby areas can clog sewage and storm drains, causing water to backup into your yard and home. Discard of your leaves properly each fall and, if needed, contact your city about blocked storm drains nearby so they can be cleaned to prevent area flooding.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts

The job of gutters and downspouts are to carry water away from your home, but they only work if they are clear from obstructions. Blocked gutters allow water to flow over and down beside your home, and right into the basement or foundation. Clean gutters and downspouts regularly, especially if you have lots of trees nearby.

Improve Grading and Drainage Around Your Property

Over time, ground can settle and erosion can cause water to redirect toward your home. Take note of the paths of excess water when it rains and arrange for a professional to improve any areas to direct water away from your home and important structures.

Get the Best Flood Insurance Rates in Florida

American Integrity Insurance Group offers the best flood insurance rates in Florida, with much better coverage than NFIP and 15% cheaper rates. Also, American Integrity is one of less than a handful of insurance companies that has taken the extra step of obtaining a certification from Florida's Office of Insurance Regulation stating that our coverage is at least as broad as that offered by the NFIP. 

Regardless of whether or not you are in a high-risk flood zone in Florida, flooding still happens. Protect your home and valuables today. Call an American Integrity Insurance agent for a flood insurance quote.


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