Boat Insurance Florida | Boating Safety Tips

There’s nothing like the feeling of freedom that comes with being out on the open water. Although Florida weather is conducive to boating year-round, spring and summer are ideal conditions to enjoy various types of watercraft and water sports. American Integrity Insurance Group can provide boat insurance in Florida for any type of watercraft to protect your family and property.

We want you to enjoy a fun and safe season on the water so we’ve compiled this collection of boating safety tips to help you prevent injuries and accidents. Aside from having comprehensive boat insurance in Florida, here are a few recommendations for ways to protect those you love while on the water.

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  1. Share your boating plans with a friend or relative who is staying behind on dry land.
  2. Test all lights, communications and other equipment before venturing out onto the water.
  3. Be aware that LED lighting can interfere with shipboard VHF marine radios and AIS reception. Use this USCG bulletin as a guide for testing your VHF radio and LED lighting before venturing out onto the water.
  4. Check fuel levels and system components for any leaks. Repair as necessary.
  5. Always run blowers to evacuate fumes from belowdecks before starting your engine.
  6. Always keep vehicle and boat keys attached to a floating device for safekeeping on the water.
  7. Before making boating plans, check with local and offshore weather reports for the type of watercraft you will use. Avoid any weather risks.
  8. Review the safety equipment and evacuation plan with all your passengers before leaving the dock.
  9. Always have your boat certificate, registration and proof of boat insurance in Florida aboard when operating your watercraft.
  10. Always provide enough life preservers/life jackets for every passenger.
  11. Ensure that all passengers remain seated and practice safe techniques while on board and especially when the boat is in motion.
  12. Children must wear a personal floatation device (PFD) at all times.
  13. Avoid consuming alcohol while operating any type of watercraft.
  14. Observe the rules of traffic and courtesy while operating any type of watercraft, particularly in harbors or other confined water areas.

Boat Insurance in Florida is a Must

Boat insurance in Florida is not legally required, but protecting those you love and your favorite pastime should be high on your priority list. Contact an American Integrity Insurance Agent today about boat insurance in Florida to protect your family and property.

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