Condo Insurance Quote | Some Perks of Having Condo Coverage

No mowing chores, no gutters to clean and no extra maintenance expenses are just a few of the perks that come with condo living in the Sunshine State. But did you know that the right condo insurance can bring many other perks? All condo insurance is not the same – check with an American Integrity Insurance agent for some more benefits you could enjoy with your condo insurance. Here are just a few:

Your Condo Insurance Coverage Could Provide Valuable Extra Coverage

Condominium living includes a shared responsibility for the overall facility and your surroundings. Your condo association will have a master insurance policy that covers the overall building and grounds. You are exempt from any issues that happen away from your unit, such as in the pool or a common entertainment building.

Your association’s policy also covers the structural portions of your home, like the floor, walls and ceilings. But what about your appliances, sinks, tubs and other internal fixtures? Many condo owners have personalized their dwellings and upgraded these fixtures. The association’s blanket policy may not cover damage or problems with these fixtures.

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Your Condo Insurance Coverage Could Include Personal Liability for Guests

Accidents can happen, even among guests you welcome into your condo. Your condo insurance coverage could provide adequately for personal liability to cover these expenses for medical care or other expenses. This coverage can even protect you in the event of litigation.

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Your Condo Insurance Coverage Could Include Protection for Your Pets

Your pets are like family, so you want to be sure they are protected in case something happens to damage your home. Many insurance policies do not offer pet coverage, leaving your furry loved ones out in the cold. When you get American Integrity’s condo insurance with our Diamond Package, our condo insurance can provide coverage of up to $500,000 for pet liability and protection!

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Who doesn’t value discounts? American Integrity Insurance offers several discounts to help make condo insurance more affordable for our clients. These include military, special combination packages, going paperless, being a senior adult/retiree, living in a secured building and more. Ask about all the available discounts when you call to get your condo insurance quote with one of our team members. Condo living could have more perks than you ever guessed!


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