Discounts to Lower Your Premium


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You don’t need to download an app, cut a coupon, or wait for a Columbus Day sale.

Our homeowners insurance discounts last all year round.

Do any of these situations apply to you?

You may be eligible for a discount on your policy.

Binding Arbitration - When you choose Binding Arbitration, you could receive as much as 20% off your new or renewing HO-3, Dwelling Fire, or Integrity Select policy.  Click here to learn more about our Binding Arbitration discount

Accredited Builder
- Your home is newly constructed and has been built within the last five years.

Insurance Score - You have a favorable insurance score. Your insurance score takes into consideration credit record, loss history, and how long you’ve lived at your residence.

Multi-Program Discount - Our brand new multi-program discount will be available to policyholders who maintain multiple programs with American Integrity. This discount will only apply to the homeowners (HO-3) policy.  

Proof of Updates/Roof Only - Your home is 15 years or older and the roofing material has been replaced within the last 10 years. Depending upon the year of the roof update, this discount varies.

Protective Devices - Your home has protective devices such as a central fire or burglar alarm systems or a fire sprinkler system.

Secured Community - Your home has the following secured community features:

  • Limited access (no more than 3 entries into the sub-division)
  • 24-hour manned gates
  • 24-hour security patrol
  • Passkey gates

Senior/Retiree - You are the policyholder and you are 55 years of age or older.

Water Loss Prevention - The plumbing in your home has been checked for soundness and found to be free of any visible defects. This discount automatically applies to new construction homes and stays on your policy for three years.

Please note that not all discounts are available on all policy types. Contact your agent to find out which discounts are available with your policy.