Hacks, Cyber Attacks and Fraud, Oh My!

American Integrity’s Home Cyber Protection Product Helps Protect Floridians’ Pockets as Cyber Thieves Troll for Victims This Holiday Season

Tampa, Fla. – Nov. 22, 2017 –
It’s the most wonderful time of the year for cyber thieves – from ID theft to hijacking your files (for a hefty ransom, of course), the Grinch is phishing for your data more than ever during the holiday season. American Integrity Insurance Group (AI), a premier Florida-based insurance provider, offers a new Home Cyber Product to help protect Floridians as they fill up their virtual shopping carts in cyberspace. American Integrity is the first insurance company in Florida, and one of the first in the nation, to provide coverage for cyber-attacks, cyber extortion events and online fraud events in a single, comprehensive product.

We often hear about major data breaches, but cyber-attacks occur daily and our growing dependency on computers for our day-to-day activities heightens our vulnerability to this threat. American Integrity launched this new coverage to help Floridians address this risk. The Company’s Home Cyber Product provides protection against the following: According to the Insurance Information Institute, Florida has the second highest percentage of cybercrime victims in the U.S. as of 2015.

  • -Computer Attacks: This is the unauthorized access or use of a device by unauthorized persons for unauthorized purposes. This includes malware attacks, meaning damage to your device, system or data because of malicious code, including viruses and worms.
  • -Home Systems Attacks: This is a cyber-attack against the smart devices in your home that are connected to the internet, including smart phones, thermostats, smart appliances, and security and monitoring systems
  • -Cyber Extortion Events: This is a demand for money based on a credible threat to damage your device. It could also be a demand for money based on an offer to restore functionality in connection with an attack on your device.
  • -Online Fraud: This is a form of ID theft or the unauthorized use of a card or card number associated with your bank account where the result is direct financial loss to you.
  • -Identity Recovery Coverage: This product provides expense reimbursement and a restoration case manager who helps victims of ID theft restore their valuable identities – and peace of mind.