American Integrity Insurance Launches Umbrella Coverage for Florida Homeowners

Tampa, Fla. – Aug. 1, 2016 – American Integrity Insurance, a premier Florida-only home insurance carrier, announces that they are one of very few Florida-based companies offering Umbrella policies. American Integrity’s Umbrella program will offer coverage up to $5 million for policyholders. The base policy costs pennies a day, but could be worth thousands – if not millions – if the unfortunate occurs.  

Why the extra protection? Umbrella coverage is designed to help protect policyholders from major claims and lawsuits, as a result helping protect their assets if the unfortunate occurs. For example, if your neighbor slips on a puddle on your porch and sues you, their $500,000 worth of medical injuries may exhaust your $300,000 liability limits, leaving you to cover the difference.    

Umbrella insurance will provide policyholders with at least $1 million in coverage on top of their underlying policy limits, with possible available limits up to $5 million.

“A typical homeowners policy offers personal liability amounts that range anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000. Umbrella coverage provides additional liability coverage above the limits of their homeowners, auto and boat insurance policies,” said Danny Pringle, Director of Product Management at American Integrity Insurance.

“We’re pleased to offer umbrella coverage and, ultimately, peace of mind for what everyone works so hard for:  their nest egg and their future,” said Robert “Bob” Ritchie, American Integrity President and CEO.

American Integrity’s umbrella policy is available to customers who have a primary residence insured with American Integrity, with some restrictions. Customers must use the same agent for their home, auto and umbrella policies.

American Integrity agents will begin quoting and binding this coverage for new and existing policyholders beginning Aug. 12.  

Umbrella coverage will be added to American Integrity’s full product suite that includes home, condo, rental, vacant and manufactured home insurance.    

To get a quote for homeowners insurance or umbrella coverage, contact your insurance agent, or go to American Integrity’s website,, to find an agent in your area.

For more information about American Integrity Insurance, visit or call 866-968-8390.


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