Tampa, FL – Despite the fact that Florida’s property insurance market is facing an extraordinary crisis, American Integrity Insurance Company is proud to launch “Integrity Select,” its newest product. Integrity Select addresses availability and capacity issues caused by a shrinking marketplace, influenced by financial instability of Florida insurance companies due to litigation abuse.

“Our market has been described as being on “life support” and consumers are considered “lucky” to find coverage,” said Bob Ritchie, President and CEO of American Integrity. “It may not seem like the best time to introduce a new product, but we pride ourselves on innovation and finding new solutions to customer needs. In fact, our company was founded shortly after the unprecedented 2004-2005 hurricane season, a time when many national carriers decided to leave the Florida marketplace.”

“We’re proud to offer this new product to Florida insurance consumers who are having a hard time finding insurance for their homes,” said Brent Radeloff, American Integrity Senior Vice President of Product, Pricing and Underwriting. “Designed for owner-occupied homes, Integrity Select allows us to insure more customers because it offers coverage for older roofs on a depreciated basis. It offers robust protection and includes Ordinance or Law, Special Personal Property and Home Computer Coverage, among other important coverages. Our agents can begin selling this product as of Jan. 21, 2022.”


About American Integrity Insurance Group (American Integrity)

American Integrity Insurance, the fifth largest Florida domiciled residential property insurer, has in excess of 300,000 customers and is represented by more than 1,000 independent agents. The Tampa-based company offers sound and comprehensive property insurance solutions, including traditional home insurance and coverage for vacant homes, condominiums, manufactured homes, rental and seasonal homes, umbrella insurance, golf carts, X-Wind policies, cyber coverage, and watercraft.

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