Having trouble obtaining home insurance coverage due to your older home?
We may have the solution for you! Designed to provide protection for older owner-occupied homes in Florida, our new Integrity Select product offers robust coverage including the following:

• Worldwide liability
• Available for many homes valued at $150k up to $1.5M (depending on county)
Additional living expense coverage if you’re displaced from your home due to a storm or other event 
Limited water coverage available for homes over 30 years of age 
• A full re-plumb is not required for limited water damage coverage on homes over 30 years (with an acceptable 4-point).
• Other specialized options available including home computer coverage
• A variety of discounts  
• Can be quoted with our Umbrella Coverage and Binding Arbitration, Cyber, and Flood Endorsements (in most areas)

Integrity is more than a promise; it’s who we are. We understand how difficult it can be for homeowners to find, and maintain, insurance coverage for their older home and roof. To ensure homeowners receive the protection they need and deserve, we specifically created a policy that considers the nuances of owning an older home and roof in Florida. Learn more about Integrity Select by contacting an agent today and find out if you qualify!

Integrity Select covers older roofs with the following materials and ages:

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