Flood Insurance


Finding a puddle of water in your living room when you get home from vacation is a bad surprise. Finding out that your homeowners insurance doesn’t cover floods is an even worse surprise.

Many people are not aware that a homeowner’s insurance policy does not include flood insurance. Flood insurance covers your property and/or contents against storm surges and flooding during torrential rains, hurricanes and tropical storms.

Who is at risk? Every property owner in Florida in all areas, whether high or low risk zones, and all property types. Flooding can come directly from the storm, or a creek overflowing its banks, or a sewer overflowing following the storm. So, it is very important for most homeowners in Florida to seriously consider.

American Integrity has partnered with Wright Flood  to offer Florida homeowners federal flood insurance. This policy, underwritten by FEMA, is designed to protect any structure and/or contents from water damage due to a flood.

Wright Flood is an industry leader and the nation’s largest flood insurance provider known for their exceptional claims response, flood insurance expertise, and commitment at the time of flood loss.