Want to reduce your property insurance premiums? Tell your legislators to support House Bill 305 and Senate Bill 76!


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  • Both bills address the issues listed below and will provide meaningful reform, if passed.
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If you’ve been following us on social media, then you know that the cost of home insurance is spiraling out of control for Florida families. Sadly, it’s largely due to frivolous lawsuits resulting in excessive attorney fees – fees which are paid by hardworking Floridians like you in the form of higher premiums! 

American Integrity is working diligently to get legislation passed that will help stabilize the market, but now is the time for you to let your legislator know that we want to put an end to this lawsuit abuse.

Fortunately, thanks to the Floridians For Lawsuit Reform advocacy group, all it takes is one click to make a difference:

Please share the petition with your friends, neighbors, and loved ones. Every Floridian is paying higher premiums and we need as many of them as possible to sign it and make their voices heard!

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