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Home Insurance Quote Florida | Understanding all of the parts of your home insurance policy is important to make sure you’re protected should anything go wrong. Your home insurance coverage, which is designed to protect you against sudden and accidental losses, is broken up into different sections that cover different aspects of your home. 

Here are a few of the coverages you will find on a homeowners policy:

Coverage A - Dwelling

The portion of your policy that protects the structure of your home is called dwelling insurance, dwelling coverage or often Coverage A in some policies. It’s important to note that this is not the market value of your home, but instead the cost to rebuild it. Typically, dwelling insurance covers the home and any structures that are attached to it. Attached garages, decks and porches are all generally covered as long as they are attached to your home.

It’s important to check your insurance policy to be clear on what types of events your policy will cover.

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Coverage B - Other Structures  

Since the Coverage A portion of the policy specifies that structures must be attached to your main home structure, things like detached garages and sheds are listed under the Coverage B (Other Structures) section of your home insurance policy. Additionally, fences, gazebos, guest houses and pools are typically protected in the event of a covered loss. 

Coverage C - Personal Property

We’ve talked about the structure of your home, and your detached structures, but what about the stuff inside of your home? Your personal belongings, such as furniture, appliances, electronics and clothing, are protected under the Coverage C (Personal Property) section of your policy. Maintaining a current home inventory will help you recover losses to these items of your personal property.

With a more clear understanding of your home insurance policy you can make important decisions about specifics like your limits and deductibles. For example, in Florida there are two deductibles - your hurricane deductible and your all other perils deductible. It’s important to review and revise your home insurance policy as needed with your insurance agent, especially any time you make improvements or changes to your home, and prior to the start of hurricane season on June 1.

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If you’re not satisfied with your current home insurance company or policy, consider shopping around for a new home insurance quote. They are free and easy and can help you make a more informed decision about your home insurance policy. Visit American Integrity Insurance at for a free, no obligation home insurance quote.

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