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BLOG_Spring has arrived_ These useful tips will help you prepare before hurricane season.

Home Insurance Quote | Spring has arrived! Although here in Florida our weather doesn’t differ all that much between winter and spring, it does mean that we’re one step closer to hurricane season, and we want to make sure you and your home are ready. Hurricane season begins June 1 and lasts through November 30 - the time to prepare begins now!

We’ve compiled a must-have list for Floridians that includes spring cleaning tips as well as hurricane preparedness tips. Remember to bookmark this page, or print it out and add it to your fridge, then check off the items as you go!

  • Organize clutter: The best way to make your home feel brand new is to reorganize and de-clutter. Have a closet full of overflowing clothes? Clean it out! Too many knick-knacks taking up space? Choose the most important ones and give away the rest. Clearing out small spaces in your home can make a big overall difference. 
  • Check indoor/outdoor equipment: With the change from winter to spring comes immense amounts of pollen in the air. Keeping the equipment on the outside of your home clean is crucial to ensuring your AC is running properly for the summer months ahead. Make sure everything is in tip-top shape before June, the start of hurricane season.
  • Change batteries: From the fire/burglar alarm to the carbon monoxide detector, be sure that all batteries are fully functioning. If not, take time to switch out old batteries for new ones to ensure you're alerted of any potential danger in your home. 
  • Make space on your phone: Is your phone running low on storage? This might be a good time to delete old information or outdated apps. Try using your calendar app and setting reminders to keep your daily/weekly to-do list organized.
  • Speak with your Agent: While you're busy preparing your home, remember that we want you to protect what's most important to you - your loved ones.The best way to be ready for spring, and hurricane season, is to make sure you understand your policy and have the proper coverage for your home. Do you know exactly what your policy entails? If you answered no, NOW is the time to ask your agent
  • Get flood insurance: April showers might bring May flowers, but they also cause extreme flooding in parts of the state. Those upcoming spring showers are no joke and if you don't have flood insurance before hurricane season, it's time to reconsider. We are proud to offer private flood insurance with no waiting period in order to provide you with the immediate protection you need. 
  • Check your deductible: Go to the declaration page of your policy and be sure you understand your deductibles. The worst time to find out that your deductible isn't what you expected is while filing a claim during hurricane season. Find out now so that you are not shocked when disaster strikes. 
  • Consider adding coverage: If you acquired new valuables over the holiday season and Valentine's Day, your current policy might not have the coverage you need. "Dust off" your policy and talk to your agent about the details of your coverage limits. 
  • Hurricane-proof your home: Install storm shutters, replace old garage doors that are approved for both wind pressure and impact protection, and make sure exterior doors have at least three hinges with a dead bolt lock one-inch long or more.
  • Create a home inventory: Having a complete record of property expedites the claims process and helps ensure that you are reimbursed for your belongings. This can easily be done with a smartphone or video camera.

For more hurricane preparedness tips, please click here. For questions about your American Integrity policy or to inquire about American Integrity Insurance’s products, contact an American Integrity Insurance Agent today!

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