Jet Ski Insurance: Why You Need It and What It Covers

Summertime in Florida means being on the water, and nothing is better than enjoying the sun and surf on your own personal watercraft. Just think about the rush of wind in your hair, spray of the cool water on your legs, and giant smile on your face while you’re riding a Jet Ski!

However, Jet Skis aren’t just fun in the sun. If you own and operate a Jet Ski, you need to protect yourself and your investment with personal watercraft insurance. Here’s why.

Is Jet Ski Insurance Really Important?

Owning or renting a Jet Ski can be a wonderful way to get the most out of living in the Sunshine State, but they can be tricky to handle, especially for the inexperienced operator. Personal watercraft insurance for your Jet Ski is essential protection in the event of an accident or mishap.

Risks of Operating a Jet Ski

Water is dangerous enough, but Jet Skis or Waverunners are notoriously unpredictable. The rider is literally sitting on a waterjet with handles that offers no personal protection. Common mishaps suffered by Jet Ski riders in Florida include:

  • Flipping/falling off the Jet Ski
  • Losing the Jet Ski
  • Getting hit by the Jet Ski
  • Damaging the Jet Ski
  • Hitting floating debris
  • Hitting the trailer or dock while loading/unloading
  • Riding too close to other watercrafts
  • Reckless and/or discourteous operating
  • Law violations
  • Getting caught in a storm
  • Getting hit by another Jet Ski rider

United States Coast Guard records for 2021 show that rider inexperience/inattention is the leading cause of Jet Ski accidents across the country, including Florida.

Potential Liability Issues

Florida state law declares that the owner of a personal watercraft, including Jet Skis, can be liable for any injuries or property damage caused in an accident if the owner consented to using the watercraft. Consent for using the watercraft may be express or implied, and consent is generally assumed if the operator is a member of the owner’s immediate family. In many cases, both the owner and the operator may be held accountable.

Potential liability issues that warrant personal watercraft insurance in Florida include:

  • Negligence
  • Uninsured boaters
  • Reckless boaters
  • Property damage
  • Personal injury
  • Unauthorized operation
  • Equipment failure
  • Design defects

What Types of Personal Watercraft Insurance Are Available for My Jet Ski?

Personal watercraft insurance is available through American Integrity for small watercraft including sailboats, bass boats, pontoons, cruisers, Waverunners, and Jet Skis. Protect yourself and others with Jet Ski insurance that can include liability coverage, physical damage coverage, and even theft coverage.

American Integrity offers standalone personal watercraft insurance for Jet Skis. This means that you do not need to have your home insured with us to be eligible for our personal watercraft coverage. We also offer several discounts to sweeten the deal. Contact an agent today to design the personalized coverage you need for your Jet Ski, Waverunner, or other personal watercraft.