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Homeowners Insurance Quote | Having year-round backyard barbecues – just one of many reasons to love owning a home in the Sunshine State! But there are a few aspects of Florida home ownership that may not be so fun, like performing your necessary, routine maintenance tasks. Here are nine of the most common maintenance chores homeowners forget to complete (how many of these have YOU done so far this year?) Share This

1. Floridians are no strangers to heavy rains and thunderstorms. That’s why it’s important to inspect the drainage around your home frequently. Check your gutters for leaks and loose connections. A clean system can help prevent standing puddles on your foundation.

2. Change your air conditioning filters once a month, and have your A/C unit checked annually by a licensed HVAC professional; spending a hundred dollars a year on upkeep could save you thousands in the event it needs to be replaced. No one wants to experience a Florida summer with no air conditioning (no one!).                                                                                                                                      

TIP: If your routine maintenance checks have turned into an all-out remodeling project, be sure to contact your agent to make sure you have the correct amount of coverage for your new additions! 

3. Do a walk-around of the exterior your home. You may need to do some spot painting, repair brick and masonry, as well as fix cracks in your foundation.

4. Forgetting about your window screens is easy. Checking your window screens for holes and dents is also easy. Most screens can be repaired quickly and inexpensively.                                                                                              

TIP: Do you own a vacant home? Vacant homes face greater risks than a home that is lived in year round. Leaving a House (Vulnerably) Vacant…Nine Ways to Protect Your Unoccupied Home 

5. Those long summer daylight hours present the perfect time to clean and repair your deck or patio. Sometimes a good cleaning, power wash, or staining is all you need to ensure the longevity of your favorite summer hangout.

6. The bathroom isn’t the most glamorous part of your house, but you’ll certainly notice if it’s out of commission. Check for dripping faucets and problem toilets before a small issue turns into a costly one.

7. Palmetto bugs, love bugs, and ants, oh my! Insects love to come out and play during the summer months. If you don’t stay on top of them with a regular extermination schedule, you could have a serious infestation before you even realize it. While you’re contacting that exterminator, check the seals around your doors and windows to make sure they don’t take up permanent residence.

8. Sometimes the smallest things can create the biggest headaches. Go through your home with a screwdriver and test all screws, knobs, nuts and bolts, tightening them as you go along.

9. How great are dishwashers? But if yours breaks down suddenly paying for a replacement could be stressful and expensive. Do a thorough cleaning once a year by removing food from the dishwashers food trap and performing a baking soda and vinegar cleanse.

Keeping up with your routine maintenance checks can be beneficial for your wallet and help ensure that your Florida home lifestyle remains a slice of paradise! Tweet this

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