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Surprising Items Your Homeowners Insurance May Cover

Cheap Home Insurance | There are the good surprises in life, and then there are the bad. You left the house fifteen minutes early only to find that traffic was light and you DID make time for that pumpkin spice latte. Yay! On the flip side, you get home to find that a storm knocked out the power and everything in your fridge has spoiled.

No need to fret. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that your homeowners insurance may kick in at unexpected times for various reasons (maybe even for that spoiled food in your fridge).

Here are some items to check on YOUR homeowners’ policy:    

Medical Bills for Guests Injured in Your Home
The piñata didn’t go as planned - a few wrong moves and someone gets hurt. While you may be thinking only about health insurance as opposed to homeowners insurance, you may be surprised to learn that your homeowners insurance can assist with medical expenses if someone gets hurt while at your home.

You can get even more liability coverage with an umbrella policy. An umbrella policy kicks in after you’ve exhausted the liability limits on your home, auto or watercraft policy limits.

Spoiled Food
A storm knocks out the power in your home, and all of your groceries are kaput. Goodbye mozzarella. Goodbye chicken salad. Your homeowners insurance can sometimes help if your refrigerator or freezer loses power due to a covered loss. Coverage is typically capped at $500 for this, and in some cases a specific deductible may be applied. However, if your fridge kicks the bucket because it is simply too old and ultimately leaves your food spoiled, this coverage would not apply. 

Learn more about our bundle coverage endorsements that include refrigerated property coverage. This is an extra benefit of our Silver, Gold and Diamond endorsements and it is especially helpful during hurricane season when power outages are prevalent.

Identity Theft
We live in a digital world, and Florida is the #1 state for identity theft. Identity theft coverage can sometimes be included with your homeowners insurance or available as a standalone endorsement. Reimbursements could include anything from legal fees to lost wages. 

Learn more about Identity Theft Insurance.

Falling Objects
We learned from an early age that sometimes strange things fall from the sky. Thank you, Wizard of Oz! But what if that strange object falls right on your house? You’ll wish it were a bad dream like Dorothy’s. Falling objects, like satellites (or even unidentified flying objects), are a covered peril under your homeowners insurance.

As far as knowing how to communicate with what walks out of the unidentified flying object, insurance can’t help you there. Maybe if they click their heels three times they’ll magically transport home.       

Your College Student’s Belongings
Times have changed. Notebooks have become laptops, and while TVs have gotten skinnier, they haven’t gotten any cheaper. Are your student’s belongings covered when they leave for school? If they live on campus, such as in a dorm, your college student’s belongings may still be insured under your homeowners policy in the event of theft, fire, accident, or other unfortunate incident.

Learn more about coverage for your college student’s belongings.

Dog Bites
Does your dog vaguely remind you of Stephen King’s Cujo? If your dog bites someone, it may be covered by the liability portion of your homeowners insurance. Some breeds may be excluded, or not allowed with your homeowners policy. It is also best to check with your homeowners insurance company about their breed restrictions and rules before bringing home a brand new pet.  

A Baseball Star in the Making
Do your neighbors treat their backyard like a baseball diamond? If little Tommy frequently practices hitting home-runs, your home and windows could be at risk. After all, there’s no raving fan there waiting for catch the ball…yet. There could be certain age restrictions in order for this to be covered. For example, the child has to be under age 13. Check your policy! It also must be an accident.  

It is equally important to know what’s not covered by your homeowners policy to avoid making any costly assumptions.Contact your agent today for details about your homeowners policy! You could be pleasantly surprised.

Looking for cheap home insurance in Florida? Contact American Integrity Insurance today! Visit us online or request a quote, NOW!


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