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BLOG_Just like homeowners insurance, a renters insurance policy can be customized

Affordable Home Insurance | “Apartment, sweet apartment” may not have the same ring as “home, sweet home,” but it’s where all your belongings are. And while your landlord’s policy covers the building you live in, it won’t cover your personal possessions in the event of a fire or burglary – and imagine how much it would cost to replace ALL of your clothing, electronics, kitchenware and everything else, all at one time, if they all went up in smoke! Renters insurance is an affordable way to protect your assets if the unfortunate occurs.

What else is included?

Aside from covering your personal property, did you know your renters insurance policy can also cover your living expenses if your apartment is deemed uninhabitable due to a covered loss? Well, it does! This can include, but is not limited to hotel, grocery, clothing and transportation fees. Another benefit of an HO-4 policy is personal liability coverage. Whether it’s a friend or a stranger, if someone were to get injured while on your rental property, then you could be liable for the cost of his/her injuries. The personal liability coverage associated with renters insurance can cover the amount that you are liable up to the amount of coverage that you selected when purchasing your policy.

Optional Coverages

Just like homeowners insurance, a renters insurance policy can be customized to fit the needs of each policyholder. If you purchase a new renters insurance policy with us, you may want to take a look at the optional coverages that can be added to your policy – some are exclusive only to American Integrity! For instance, you can purchase an endorsement to cover the contents of non-resident relatives who regularly reside in an Assisted Living Care facility. You can also look into adding our new Home Cyber Protection Coverage. American Integrity is the first personal lines insurance company in Florida - and one of the first in the entire nation - to provide customers with up to $25,000 from cyberattacks, cyber extortion events, or online fraud events (the recent “WannaCry” ransomware incident is an example of an event that would be covered under our Cyber endorsement). Other options to include on your American Integrity renters policy provide coverage for identity theft, scheduled personal property, and extra coverage for home computers.

For more information about a renters policy or affordable home insurance, contact your American Integrity Insurance agent today.

Affordable Home Insurance

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