New Platform Helps American Integrity Insurance Group Better Manage Growth and Disaster Response


Tampa, FL – July 29, 2015 –
ISCS’s SurePower Innovation® and SurePower PowerTools allow the Florida homeowners insurance company to quickly adapt to dynamic market needs

During an average month, American Integrity receives about 675 claim reports. In the days following a natural disaster, tens of thousands of customers could use the company’s system to file a claim report. To ensure the company is adequately prepared to manage extreme spikes in volume and can respond to customers in their greatest time of need, American Integrity has recently transitioned to ISCS’ SurePower Innovation, a platform that is equipped to process up to 15,000 claim reports per hour.

American Integrity provides a broad spectrum of homeowner, flood and identity theft coverages specifically developed for, and available to, Florida consumers. As part of American Integrity’s ongoing efforts to improve the customer experience, the insurance company identified the need to modernize its enterprise suite to enhance its service offerings for existing customers and support future growth. In addition to automating key core administration processes, American Integrity recognized the importance of upgrading its underwriting functionality, agent and consumer portals and mobile capabilities. The company found an all-in-one solution in ISCS’ SurePower Innovation platform.

“We were looking for a platform that would grow with us,” said Jon Ritchie, senior vice president, corporate and business development for American Integrity. “As a Florida home insurance provider, we must have technology that provides us with speed-to-market and scalability, and SurePower Innovation is that solution. The inclusion of SurePower PowerTools was another significant factor in our decision to partner with ISCS, as it provides us with the ability to put ‘coding’ capabilities in the hands of business analysts.”

ISCS’s PowerTools configuration toolset enables end users to make system and product configuration changes on the fly, making SurePower Innovation an even more powerful tool. Now that the system launch is complete, American Integrity is already beginning to realize benefits from rolling out the full suite of SurePower Innovation’s integrated components, rather than implementing each module individually. Additionally, SurePower Innovation will help American Integrity rapidly introduce new lines of business and underwrite with more granularity going forward.

“We appreciated the fact that American Integrity wanted new, modern technology to help them provide the most positive customer experience possible,” said Andy Scurto, president of ISCS. “SurePower Innovation is the configurable system American Integrity needed, and with PowerTools’ configuration capabilities at hand, both business and technology users at American Integrity will be able to achieve necessary strategic objectives for the company today and into the future.

About American Integrity Insurance Group (American Integrity)

American Integrity Insurance, one of the largest writers of Florida homeowners insurance, has more than 200,000 customers and is represented by more than 800 independent agents. The Tampa-based company offers sound and comprehensive property insurance solutions, including: traditional home insurance as well as coverage for vacant homes, condos, manufactured homes and dwelling fire policies. For more information, please visit the company's web site, or call 866-968-8390.

About ISCS

ISCS is the developer of SurePower Innovation®, a highly scalable, configurable, cloud-based modern enterprise suite that mitigates risk and increases business agility for property and casualty (P&C) insurance organizations writing personal, commercial and specialty lines. SurePower Innovation extends beyond core administration (policy, billing and claims) to include reinsurance, business intelligence (BI), insurance accounting, payables, document management, producer/commission management, agent/consumer portals and more. With a 100% proven implementation track record on enterprise core system replacement projects, ISCS consistently delivers SurePower Innovation as a complete, managed SaaS solution via ISCS’s SurePackage™ deployment option, allowing insurers to focus on the business of insurance. For more information, visit the company website at