American Integrity Insurance Stands Ready to Assist Customers Impacted by Hermine

Claims Adjusters on Standby to Deploy at a Moment’s Notice   

Tampa, FL – Sept. 1, 2016 – American Integrity Insurance Company, one of Florida’s leading insurance companies, has staged its Catastrophe Response Team in preparation for Tropical Storm Hermine. The company continues to closely monitor the path of Tropical Storm Hermine, and will deploy claims professionals as needed to help customers quickly recover from the storm. The company has nearly 5,000 policyholders in the counties currently in the storm’s path (Leon, Madison and Taylor). 

The company encourages impacted customers to call its dedicated 24/7 hurricane claims phone number – 1-844-MyAIIC1 – as soon as possible to report their damage and begin the claims process. It is important to note that, after a catastrophic event like a hurricane, the company’s claims response is based on damage severity – with the immediate and primary goal being to provide assistance to customers whose homes are unlivable, helping them obtain shelter, clothing and other basic necessities.

“We’re prepared to respond quickly and efficiently to our policyholders,” said Robert Ritchie, President and CEO of American Integrity Insurance Company. “They’re counting on us to help them get their homes and lives back in order after a loss. We are committed to expediting their recovery process.”

Prepare and Be Aware

If it’s safe to do so, here are a few quick and simple tips for homeowners as the storm approaches:

  • Conduct a home inventory of your property. It’s helpful to keep track of model numbers and stores where items were purchased. Store your inventory, including photos and videos, in a safe place away from your home.
  • Develop an evacuation plan that includes identification of safe areas, escape routes, meeting locations and plans for pets.
  • Bring patio and other outdoor furniture indoors to reduce the possibility of blowing debris.
  • Prepare an Emergency Supply Kit including a three-day supply of water, non-perishable food, radio and batteries, flashlight and first-aid kit.
  • Remove any damaged limbs from trees to keep them from blowing around during a storm and causing property or automobile damage. 

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