American Integrity Insurance Announces Its Customer and Agent Satisfaction Survey Results

Tampa, Fla. – March 27, 2017 – American Integrity recently completed its annual policyholder survey, and the results show that 94 percent of policyholders who responded said they were very or somewhat likely to refer the Company to a friend or loved one. When converted to the industry standard Net Promoter® Score (NPS®) measurement system, American Integrity Insurance’s NPS® result would be a 64 – placing the Company among the upper echelon of customer loyalty torch bearers, such as USAA, Apple and Cadillac. The average NPS® score for insurance carriers is 37, per Temkin Group, a leading customer experience research, consulting, and training firm.

“As a Florida-focused, Tampa-based company, we specifically design our products and service to address the unique insurance needs of our fellow Floridians,” said Bob Ritchie, President and CEO of American Integrity Insurance. “We strive to provide compassionate and timely service each day, and we humbly regard these survey results as a reflection of our efforts to place our policyholders and agents at the core of all that we do.”

The Company achieved equally strong results from its agent satisfaction survey – 97 percent of respondents said they were satisfied or very satisfied with their partnership with American Integrity Insurance. In the comments section of both surveys, many agents and policyholders lauded American Integrity’s communication and prompt response to customers during Hurricane Matthew, which traversed its way northward along Florida’s east coast in October 2016.  During a terrifying time, when Floridians were in distress after 10+ years without experiencing a major storm, American Integrity demonstrated that its #1 objective was quickly responding to its customers to get them on the road to recovery. The Company closed 97 percent of its 3,000 Hurricane Matthew claims within three weeks. But that customer-centric emphasis isn’t just evident during hurricane season; it’s a year round priority.   

"We don’t use traditional call center metrics like ‘average handle time,’ [which is] how long someone is on the phone," said Patrick Madigan, Vice President of Underwriting and Client Services. "Those types of metrics don’t speak to the quality of the experience, or help us determine if the customer is happy. Instead, we’re much more concerned with reducing wait times so that we can respond to our customers’ needs as quickly as possible. We also review calls to identify trends and opportunities for training and improvement.”   Every day, customer service team members get a summary about customer service levels and the team shares a full report, including customer feedback and comments, periodically to the entire company.

American Integrity honors its employees’ personalities and hires top-notch talent by asking unconventional questions during the interview process. Once hired, these associates don't use scripts with customers. "I think a lot of customer service teams fall into that trap of scripting everything out,” said Madigan. “From the customer’s perspective, that can sometimes feel like they’re speaking to a robot."

Additionally, American Integrity is keenly focused on fostering a team-oriented, collaborative culture, where peer recognition is strongly encouraged. “At our quarterly all-employee meetings, employees often take time to acknowledge each other for a job well done in front of the rest of the Company,” says Ritchie. “That type of recognition is priceless, and helps deepen the bond between co-workers.”

 As a multiple “Best Workplace” award-winning organization, American Integrity understands the importance of cultivating a high-performing workplace. “We find people with a 'make it happen' spirit. In our staffing models we build in time for people to have some time off the phone to do things that are important to them and that they're passionate about and that ultimately contribute to the business and to our customers too," says Ritchie. By hiring people who are passionate about solving problems, we've had all different types of backgrounds but really it all comes back to this desire and passion for customers."

Ultimately, American Integrity strives to empower its employees, equipping them with the tools and confidence to be productive. “Trust and inspire your employees. That sounds so basic, but I really think it's important to hire the very best people you can, invest in them with leadership and training, and then trust them to do a good job," Madigan stated. "I always tell my team that there's nothing that I can do that they can't do for a customer."

American Integrity’s products include insurance for traditional and high value homes, condos, vacant homes, manufactured homes, and rental properties. Their newest products include umbrella coverage, standalone golf cart insurance and X-wind policies (robust coverage for sudden and accidental losses caused by all named perils excluding wind) to help address a broad range of needs facing today’s Florida home insurance customer. The Company constantly seeks to anticipate shifts in consumer preferences and utilizes emerging technologies to improve existing products, even as it develops and releases new products.

For more information about the company, visit or call 866-968-8390.

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About American Integrity Insurance Group (American Integrity)

American Integrity Insurance, the fifth largest Florida domiciled residential property insurer, has in excess of 250,000 customers and is represented by more than 900 independent agents. The Tampa-based company offers sound and comprehensive property insurance solutions, including traditional home insurance and coverage for vacant homes, condominiums, manufactured homes, dwelling fire, umbrella, golf cart and X-Wind policies. For more information, please visit the company's website at, call 866-968-8390, or connect with the company on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Instagram.