Home, Safe Home: Protect Your Home by Installing a Security System

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Home, Safe Home: 
Protect Your Home by Installing a Security System 

 Life in Florida isn’t all sunshine, beaches and roller coasters – property located in Orlando, the amusement park capital of the world, is a whopping 142 percent more likely to be the site of a property crime than the national average, according to a study conducted by reviews.com. (Share This)

 Be prepared: Make sure you have the Florida home insurance coverage you need in case your property is burglarized. 

 You won’t fare much better in Miami and Jacksonville – properties in those cities are 86 and 47 percent more likely to be the site of a property crime than the national average. But the bright spot in the Sunshine State is Tampa, where properties are three percent less likely to be the site of a property crime than the national average.

 Other startling facts that emerged from the study:

  • Homes with an annual income of less than $35,000 are the most frequently burglarized homes in the U.S.
  • What's more, suburban homes are more vulnerable than urban homes.

 Thieves are looking for small, easy pay-offs, based on the study’s findings: money, wallets, smart phones, tools, jewelry and appliances, things found in most homes regardless of income level. The average dollar value of goods stolen in a home burglary: $2,000. (Share This)

 Take control: Quickly reclaim your life if you fall victim to identity theft

 The article’s conclusion? Though once seen as an extravagance of the wealthy, home security is now a must-have for all homeowners, regardless of their income bracket. "Anyone living under a roof is a potential target," according to the reviews.com article.

 Although finding the right system isn’t always easy, the folks at reviews.com conducted an exhaustive study of various providers and shares insightful information about their findings in their article. But in addition to peace of mind, thwarting a break-in and being able to lock your doors or check your thermostat from across the country, a home security system may help you save money on your home insurance.

 American Integrity home insurance policyholders can qualify for discounts up to 10 percent of their annual premium for their eligible home security system. Florida homeowner’s insurance consumers should take advantage of this discount by informing their insurance agent if they install a new home security system.

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