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Home Insurance Florida | The jerseys are clean, the wings are marinated, and the fresh batteries are in the remote. Football season is in full swing, and you’re feeling festive! This could mean having a lot of visitors over for the big game (you’re in such a good mood you even invited that strange neighbor from across the street).

A full house can turn any football game into a frenzy, and you may be left wondering - if there were to be an unexpected accident in your home, are you liable for your visiting tailgaters?

The honest answer is, it depends. Here are some different scenarios that may or may not be in your home insurance playbook.

Your dog misses the pig-in-the-blanket and bites your guest’s hand instead.        
In many instances, your homeowners policy would cover injuries to others from your dog under the liability portion of your coverage. With that being said, every homeowners policy is different, and every homeowners insurance company is different. For instance, coverage may not apply to certain breeds that are considered aggressive. Also, make sure that your insurance company knows you have a dog. Your agent can help you determine what type of coverage you need and how much.    

While jumping up and down after their team scores big, your neighbor slips on a puddle of water and injures her ankle. 
Liability is the portion of your policy that kicks in if an unfortunate accident were to occur to a third party in your home, like the aforementioned neighbor. This part of your homeowners insurance could prevent you from paying out of pocket for ensuing medical or legal expenses.

In this case, let’s say your liability policy limits are $300,000, but your neighbor’s injuries total $500,000. An umbrella policy could help close that $200,000 gap that would otherwise be your responsibility, potentially coming from your own bank account and assets if you don’t have umbrella coverage.

Your brother-in-law decides to start a friendly game of flag football in your backyard. When he throws the football right into your kitchen window, however, you know for sure that he won’t be getting any extra wings. Would your broken window be covered by your homeowners insurance? 
As long as the broken window was a completely accidental, unforeseen incident (you’re certain he’s still not angry over your stellar Fantasy Football season last year), it may be covered under your homeowners policy. However, you may want to take into consideration the cost of your deductible versus the cost of a replacement window.  

Contact your agent today to find out about the coverage limits on your policy. Go team!


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