Holiday Safety and Savings

BLOG_Holiday Safety and Savings

Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

’Tis the season for holiday shopping; for cyber criminals, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. While you might think that beating the crowds is the biggest challenge you face on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, American Integrity Insurance wants to help you avoid risks even greater than missing out on that huge discount at your favorite store.


To stay as safe as possible when holiday shopping:

  • Deposit gifts in the trunk or covered cargo area, not on the back seat
  • Shop during daylight hours, and if you must shop at night, bring along a companion or two
  • Park in well-lit areas
  • Never overload yourself with packages. Carry only a small amount of cash and your cards on you. Cash is always best, especially in order to protect credit card fraud
  • Do not engage in conversation by strangers in parking lots or garages
  • Leave music or the TV on at your home when you are out shopping in order to prevent break-ins when you are away
  • If you are having packages delivered to your house after Cyber Monday shopping, make sure someone is home to receive them or ask a neighbor to watch for deliveries and bring them inside
  • Don’t discuss your purchases on social media

Tip: If you’re purchasing an expensive gift, such as jewelry, contact your insurance agent to schedule insurance for it immediately, even if it will be weeks or months before you will actually give it to your loved one.

Identity Theft

Considering data breaches at major retailers and banks, some shoppers are purchasing gift charge cards to shop with rather than using personal credit or debit cards, which is a great way to reduce your risk of falling victim to identity theft. Leave your purse at home; about 40 percent of identity theft can be traced to stolen purses or wallets. Only use trusted online shopping sites, and protect your cards and your personal information at all times. Try to use PayPal or verified credit card protected sites on Cyber Monday.

American Integrity Insurance offers Identity Recovery Protection that can help you quickly restore your identity if you fall victim to this crime. 

Don’t Miss Out on Hidden Discounts

While you’re looking for the best deals this holiday season, your Florida home insurance policy could be the gift that keeps on giving year round. Remember to check in with your American Integrity Insurance agent to see if you’re missing out on valuable Florida home insurance discounts, including:

  • Accredited builders, up to 5%
  • Financial responsibility, up to 10% to 35% per FRC
  • Up to 15% for a fire alarm and 10% for a burglar alarm
  • Living in a gated community could get you up to 15%
  • Seniors/retirees, up to 10%

Keep your family, home and identity safe during the holidays – while taking advantage of all the discounts this season has to offer!


 Thanks to Business Insiders for the cyber Monday information. 

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