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BLOG_With all these connections that make life easier we are exposed to a range of personal cyber risks

CYBER INSURANCE FLORIDA | You may have started hearing about Cyber Insurance programs. If you’re a business owner, you’ve likely known about cyber insurance for some time, especially if you take payments online. Now, however, cyber insurance is being offered at the private individual level. According to the Insurance Information Institute, Florida is ranked number two, by percent, of states with the highest total cyber crime victims in 2017. With American Integrity’s cyber insurance product, you can be protected if you fall victim to these attacks, cyber extortion, online fraud, or even a home systems attack.

What Are Cyber Attacks?

Many malicious acts fall under the definition of a cyber attack. On your personal computer, it could be the use of malware – malicious code that damages your operating system, data or device. Commonly these type of attacks are called viruses or worms. Your personal “internet of things” could be attacked as well. This is all of your connected devices. Thermostats, televisions, video game consoles and even refrigerators are connected these days, and the list is growing all the time. With this hyper-connectivity comes convenience but also opens up points of entry for hackers.

Through ransomware comes cyber extortion. As the name suggests, this is where a hacker attempts to extort money from you either to repair or by threatening to damage your personal computer or home system. This malicious software will block access to your device until a sum of money has been paid.

Online fraud is another type of attack. In this specific type of identity theft, someone assumes your identity to make purchases or withdraw money from a connected bank account online. This results in a direct financial loss to you.

How Does Cyber Insurance Work?

Cyber insurance should not be confused with cyber protections like anti-virus software. While anti-virus software is designed to detect and destroy computer viruses, cyber insurance is a way to help you recover losses should you fall victim to this crime. It usually accompanies another policy like your home or renters insurance policy.

Cyber insurance can help you pay for things like:       

  • Data recovery
  • Professional assistance in responding to cyber extortion demands
  • Theft from financial account

How Do I Prevent Personal Cyber Attacks?

If you are connected to the internet, there is no guarantee that your personal information or equipment is safe. That’s where cyber insurance comes in. However, in this new age of connectivity, there are some precautions we can take to lessen our chances of being victimized by criminals:

  • Download software updates as soon as they are available – While we sometimes gripe about software updates, they often address weak areas in the software, app or operating system that could foster a breach or an attack. Embrace the changes that come with software updates and don’t put them off.
  • Encrypt passwords and change them often – Many people use the same password for everything they do. This is an unsafe practice. Instead, assign different passwords for every login. Or enlist the help of an online password manager and always use two-step verification where available.
  • Keep the Wi-Fi connections to your home systems and your computer separate – By doing this, anyone who is trying to hack your systems, won’t have access to your accounts. Tablets and phones that are used to browse the internet and shop should be on your computer Wi-Fi while thermostats, refrigerators and other gadgets and devices can use another network.

If you are considering cyber insurance, contact your American Integrity Insurance Agent today. Visit American Integrity Insurance for more information and to connect with an agent for a free, no obligation cyber insurance quote in Florida.


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